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Far the Chines上海龙凤自荐区HTe education that go

all17Far the Chinese education that go Edition advocate leave a messageGu Zhou Erxie (2012-8-13 15:43) : Achieve blame head hair not to add cent formerly, the thank understands.               Far the Chinese education that goAccidental in, read a friend to teach memory to what he accepts the Chinese like the noble — ” Chinese educationidealism ” . A few detail that keep inside make a person yearning, for example: Read ” 1984 ” laterPlaytime is eristic, be similar to ” dead poem company ” the poetry reading in is met. Had turned round to see oneself, considering next, my literary talent estimates even if was given to destroy by Chinese teacher. Write down12, when 3 years old, I flaunt reincarnation of him Li Bai a little while, feel oneself have the feeling of bit of Tang Yin again a little while(there always still basically is a talent to match beautiful woman in teleplay actually, accordingly I become a talent with respect to calculate on) . Although I read light reading ceaselessly,can be, when still cannot avoiding finally to graduate in high school, head sky, Do not have a thought already, have do not have culture. Speak of Han Han and Guo Jingming, I am returned witting. Speak of Zhang Ailing, Liang Shiqiu, Lu Xun, anyhow has looked a few. But what to speak of Hayeke, Qizeke, pull health, henry – Miller, flowerCountry literature, I sweat all over; If be in the Haidegeer that increase a point, add Miao, existentialism, naturalistic, IWas about to roll about completely. Not bad and not bad, I still have an university to be able to cross a body for oneself. Though turn over, also turned actually actually30 ° left and right sides, although read a few book

s, major, I just still know a literal meaning just, thanBe like Hayeke, I know he is latitud龙凤419贵族宝贝HGinarian delegate character only (economics respect) ; Henry – Miller, heIt is an American fictionist, its work Ceng You at too pornography is banned, the book as to him, the existence of electronic edition Ia certain corner in hard disk. Pull for instance again health, those who Miao what add, must admit, my Gu Ge crosses them, nowIn the citizenship that has forgotten so that remain them only. Nevertheless, in this 30 ° in turning over, I still discovered a few previously never the stuff that experience passes. Literal beautyRemember high school attends first when, I had been read ” moonlight of pond of carry on one’s shoulder ” , right however the beauty of its character is without impression. Reread now, I still cannot discover its glamour, those who say is a bit directer, it is not my dish. Can give a person some shakeOf shake is a few contemporary poems and ancient poetry article (for example ” Chun Jianghua is moonlight ” ) . But, come from whole say, Chosen article is not excellent. Very fathomless, do not choose th上海喝茶的地方你懂便宜点的MRe essay of some of Mr Hu Kuo. Talk a written language by argue, the writer of that one period, honestNobody can give its right. Li Ao ever had negotiated from beginning to end 500 years, colloquial article him writing is the first. But look in meCome, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad comfortable Wan Shengzhi. Sometimes, want carefully to also feel normal, hu Kuo is existing the hard injury with incorrect politics, the literary works is again good, Teaching material writes personnel to also won’t be used. On the other hand, about the article unscramble a method. Explain to the transition of text, often make the article is dividedSolution gets broken up. Such unscrambling, profitless the beauty at experiencing literature, can produce be disgusted with instead evil. Ever somebody is occupiedThis says, choosing Lu Xun into Chinese teaching material have deep-seated reason. Adopt such education, make everybody right its work上海花千坊爱上海DGLose interest, be beneficial to harmony. (seemingly, I have such tendency) . Specific say, be this appearance — ” in the exam, the clou that we are asked this article isWhat? Why should the author use this verb and be why should the author use this verb and that verb? If be demonstrative article, we are returned often byAsk about, why to when the author introduces some data, use ” about ” , do we still say he is accurate? Do we still say he is accurate?? (be brought from m l l Mr n ” the collective of allegorical factory is lyric ” Ceng Jin the title that I feel more reasonable isArticle, a question answers after reading, what does the author want to convey? Till later, a classmate asks about meHad read ” hundred years loneliness ” — do you feel what the clou of work is? In that instant, I am absentminded, See a soot is rotating only. Had answered a god to come, think again, say next: ” this… do not know. “I see Gu Cheng’s poem and a kind of version again later. The poem is such: ” somebody wants a poet to reply / he thatUnfortunate poem / the poet replies: / you can arrive wide hand in can go / over there all products / the member that deserve to have explanation / “The view is such — literary criticism is to let essayist masters literary work easily and arise greatly. Say so, such title is unreasonable also. Although say to whether have the habit that read,depend on greatly individual, but our Chinese education is in howeverLet a person be carried to the character at the beginning do not have interest, this is not auspicious. I present always am experience to live literal beauty. It is varied: Smooth fact is good at argue in vain continuously have Hu Kuo, Black humour is interesting and justifiable have Wang Xiaobo, be good at taletelling be like big Zhong Ma, be full of im上海419shlfagination have George -Aoweier, contain bit of individual character again after the flesh for instance wool Mu, spirit is consummate and zealous of the depict in the heart for instance black a place of strategic importance. About appreciating literal beauty, perhaps return now not late, but it is earlier after all better. Think independentlyAbout this, stem from lazy, I bring a paragraph of word. ” I do not think to have on this world ” think independently ” this thing, unless this is planted ” independent ” point toIt is footing, and do not include thinking kind. We always are used a few will consider an issue from the experience that learns to come over there others– but the considers an issue method that everybody acquires has had however have bad. E.g. some people be from Adam? The experience that acquires over there Si Mi, some people are from him over there 2夜上海论坛FT uncleThose who acquire, I not say turkey to one and bazzard to another, think problem of former look upon is more more reliable than latter certainly. But I think, If somebody learns Adam already? Si Mi, learn him again 2 uncle, and both make quite, he becomes with respect to regular meetingRelative to clever person. If he believes him toughly 2 uncle, do not be willing to be close to the mankind to was accumulated 100000 however belowThe wisdom that come, there seldom perhaps is an opportunity to hear of the viewpoint that is contrary to in lifetime, having strong action desire however, thatfor the life with respect to him, I am not listed going out what to still have is more more dangerous than this. “– ” true wrong path its are not far ” Li HaipengStem from such reason, I ponder over independence from beginning to end regard as reading by-product. Actually it also ought beChinese teachs the by-product of Yo. Regrettablly is, as a result of information out-of-the-way, reading deficient, brought about have this kindThe person of ability is little little. The person of ability is little little.. 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